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I just wanted to let everyone know that I decided to suspend my campaign. 
My biggest fear is being a spoiler and causing David Kustoff to win. I think he had his chance and only proved he is willing to drive this country further into debt and fund Planned Parenthood. I met with George Flinn several times, and I truly believe he will do what is best for our district and our country. He really is down to earth, and has the "backbone" to do great things. I also like the fact that he is financially successful enough to fund his own campaign, so he won't owe special interest groups any 'favors"
I appreciate your support and friendship so much. So please DON"T vote for me, and PLEASE vote for George Flinn, so we can still #firehim  and  #HireGeorge
Early Voting is NOW.
Thank you!

In March, with a majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, the Republicans passed a 1.3 trillion dollar omnibus bill, --but wait, it gets worse. The push will be on to spend all of it by the end of the fiscal year--by September 30th, 2018! Unfortunately the Swamp will be up for the challenge. 

Our congressman in the 8th District was one of the Republicans that joined in on the Omni-Bust budget. This was probably the most important vote he had since getting into office and he blew it. Is this what YOU wanted? I'm guessing not. But hey Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi were ecstatic because Congressman Kustoff pretty much made most of their dreams come true. The rest of us constituents, not so much.

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